Our Vision

There is no link between reading difficulties and intelligence, and people that experience reading difficulties can still be brilliant. More than 15% of the entire population encounters problems unscrambling and comprehending written text.

More often than not, these reading difficulties can lead to:

  • Low self-esteem
  • Frustration
  • Avoiding school tasks and others
  • Violent behavior
  • Depression

The sooner a person gets the support they need, they are less likely to develop the aforementioned symptoms.

We, at Wizcomtech, are committed to developing solutions for people of all ages, that experience reading difficulties, helping them overcome this barrier and reach their full potential. Our solutions provide:

  • Reading any text aloud and highlighting it as it is read
  • Defining/translating unfamiliar words
  • Showing users how to break multi-syllabic words into syllables (Many researchers found that syllabication helps people with reading difficulties improve their reading in the long-term).

Our mission is to help People with reading difficulties become confident and independent, improve their learning skills, and to increase their motivation for success.